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Transportation Logistics

Waste By Rail, Inc., will organize the right transportation services for your needs to safely, efficiently and appropriately manage your waste disposal. We work with large organizations on long term waste management planning, with government and municipal groups to facilitate single large projects, and with industrial worksites in remote locations.

Your best bulk waste disposal solution may not be by rail, and will more than likely require coordinating several different transportation methods, including:


- We have access to a network of rail contractors stretching across Canada that coordinate solid waste transportation, including intermodal rail containers that can accommodate your on site equipment.


- For remote locations, getting your bulk waste onto trucks is often a necessary first step to removal. We can organize a fleet of trucks that integrate seamlessly with your operation.

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Hazardous Waste Remediation

Our waste management solutions can handle a range of hazardous waste requirements, including petrochemicals and solvents used in the oil and gas industry, and heavy metals from mining operations. As your broker, we will respond quickly to your needs and reduce the environmental impact of industrial by-products.

Waste By Rail, Inc., ensures proper handling and disposal of hazardous waste through microencapsulation, macroencapsulation, bioremediation, stabilization, aqueous treatment, PCB disposal, and drum management services.

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